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About Us

Mission Statement:

  • We encourage, promote and support business and industrial growth & retention.
  • We provide a program of action that meets the needs and challenges of the community.
  • We promote the quality of life that Los Banos offers.

The number one reason to join the Chamber is Return on Investment. More exposure means more business. A Chamber of Commerce is usually the first place contacted when folks want to know about a community, its businesses, recreation and other facilities. We seize every opportunity to refer Chamber members in response to the thousands of phone calls we receive requesting information. Work the Chamber, and it'll work for you. Some members have made vital connections that have propelled them forward in business and life. Others have gained valuable new insights into business processes. Networking works; this is the place to do it! From CEO's of companies to high-spirited entrepreneurs nurturing small businesses on the rise, you will encounter other successful people in the Los Banos Chamber of Chamber. If you make just one life-long customer in your first year of belonging to the Chamber, your membership has more than paid for itself.

Los Banos Chamber of Commerce Activities

  • New Business Seminars
  • Monthly Mixers
  • Maps
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Area Guides
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Member Referral Service
  • Weekly Small Business Counseling Services
  • SBA Information

Questions and Answers About Chambers of Commerce

What is a Chamber of Commerce?
A voluntary organization representing all segments of the business community with the potential for directing the energies and efforts of its membership and volunteer committees toward the accomplishment of common goals.

What does the Chamber do?
Advance the interests business community and be the “home guard” for the free enterprise system. Endeavor to learn the businessperson’s point of view and present it when addressing legislative matters. Other local projects include community service events, visitor development, and other projects of community interest.

How does it work?
Volunteer committees that analyze problems, develop solutions and take action to achieve goals. A professional staff is employed to carry out the day to day business of the organization and to assist committees in completing their work.

How is it administered?
A Board of Directors, elected by the membership, determines the policies and direction of the Chamber and employs an Executive Director who is responsible for carrying out the Board of Directors policy and the day to day administrative functions.

How is it financed?
Since they are an voluntary organization, Chamber operational costs are apportioned among its members. All share a mutual desire to achieve a better community, thus making Chamber of Commerce membership dues a tangible investment in the present and future welfare of their community. Other sources of income are from fundraising activities, marketing and advertising fees collected during production of local area maps, magazines and and other promotional activities.