The Los Banos Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic and active organization comprised of people who do business in and around the City of Los Banos, California. We pride ourselves in working together and making our businesses and our city successful.

The Los Banos Chamber of Commerce is a very active community organization. While our primary focus is on the business community, we are also very deeply involved in the community of Los Banos.

We host numerous events in the community every year. We look forward to these events and the crowds they bring out and the family atmosphere they offer. 

Some of the events the Chamber of Commerce hosts or take part in  include:

Spring Street Faire

May Day Beer Booth

Dad's Night Out

Fall Street Faire

Tomato Festival

Christmas Parade

We also hold monthly mixers where anyone can come out and mingle with our members and Board of Directors. 


Seaver moved to Los Banos in 2015. After noticing that the city was lacking a company that local business, non profits and the community could use to advertise and express themselves with branded products, she decided to start her own business in 2017 and named it Deeby's Disigns. The name of her company came from a nickname that was given to her when she was younger and seemed to be the best name for her company.
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Seaver works very closely to the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce and is an active Director and Chamber member. She always is there to help out for events and activities that the Chamber is sponsoring and she is always coming up with new creative inventive ideas to progress the Chamber ahead.
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Los Banos Chamber of Commerce

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