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Why join the Chamber?
A message from Los Banos Chamber of Commerce President: Jerry Knoester

The number one reason to join the Chamber is Return on Investment.  More exposure means more business.  A Chamber of Commerce is usually the first place contacted when folks want to know about a community, its businesses, recreation and other facilities.  We seize every opportunity to refer Chamber members in response to the thousands of phone calls we receive requesting information.

In a scientific survey of 2000 U.S. adults, The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, found 63% more consumers are likely to want to purchase goods or services from a small business that is a Chamber member! 

The study also showed joining the Chamber isn’t enough; consumers and other businesses must be aware of that Chamber affiliation. The positive impact of perceived Chamber membership is felt by big businesses too; when consumers believed that a restaurant chain was a member of the local Chamber they were 40 percent more likely to eat at the franchise in the future.

The LB Chamber produces and promotes community activities and events each year, which are designed to attract more visitors to our city. Chamber member businesses are listed in the Chamber’s Online Business Directory, thereby expanding your market area even if you don’t have an internet presence. Networking at Chamber events helps you meet potential customers, clients and vendors. Monthly Mixers provide great opportunities to get to know new people and expand your prospect base so other business people can refer to you.

Work the Chamber, and it'll work for you. Some members have made vital connections that have propelled them forward in business and life. Others have gained valuable new insights into business processes. Networking works; this is the place to do it! From CEO's of companies to high-spirited entrepreneurs nurturing small businesses on the rise, you will encounter other successful people in the Los Banos Chamber of Chamber. If you make just one life-long customer in your first year of belonging to the Chamber, your membership has more than paid for itself.


The Henry Miller Wild West Weekend was one of the many things that the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce hosted to support and celebrate the City of Los Banos.  Photo by Charles Guest

The Henry Miller Wild West Weekend was one of the many events that the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce has sponsored or hosted that support and celebrate the City of Los Banos.
Photos by Charles Guest

Sisters hug during the closing ceremonies dance at the Henry Miller Wild West Weekend

Why you should join the Los Banos Chamber of Commerce

Belonging to the Chamber of Commerce is more than just supporting the Chamber’s efforts to represent and present the business community in the most favorable light. In fact, membership presents a remarkable and substantial marketing and advertising opportunity, most of which is included with your membership dues.

Membership in the Chamber is an Investment in your Business!
Join today and let us help you – help yourself!

Included with your membership dues:

Members of record as of March 1st each year are listed in our special section in the community phone book. This section is used by consumers as their guide to honest and legitimate businesses. Members  listed there are perceived by the public as being “recommended” rather than just being listed.

Every day the chamber receives phone calls, faxes and e-mail with requests for businesses and services in our town. Membership in the chamber guarantees your business will be referred when we handle these information calls. Now that the phone company’s information service is computerized our call volume has gone up dramatically, people like to talk to people!


Your chamber took the lead and put the City of Los Banos on the Internet in August of 1996. Our web site is visited by approximately thousands of visitors each month. Every Chamber member is listed by general business category. The chamber offers the option to your business to have its own page at very reasonable prices

Members are automatically listed in any chamber directory we publish. The concept is to make up enough booklets to serve immediate needs, therefore the directory offered will never be out of date. The directory will also offer an optional advertising opportunity to our members

Related Chamber of Commerce Activities
The Chamber also acts as a Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) to provide information about our natural resources and amenities of the City and area. The chamber has been the lead agency in this area for many years, providing answers to the questions that newcomers and visitors have when visiting or contemplating a visit to our town. The CVB function is a step toward formalizing some of the responsibility within our office and a means to draw the different interest groups together. We work with the City of Los Banos, County of Merced, Federal Fish and Wildlife Service & State Parks and Fish and Game to promote events and attractions that surround our City.

The chamber is also active in the Community Resource Council that brings together government agencies, community organizations, faith based groups and individuals to provide information on events and assist one another with their projects. Visit www.losbanoscrc.org

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